See how your pet spends their dayReceive a complimentary customized video of your dog on their walk. Sent to your phone or email.Dog Walking/Play Time with your best friendGive your dog a guilt free break with a structured walk and play time tailored to meet their needs. In addition to exercise and potty break, your friend will have their water and food refreshed if desired and any accidents will be removed and cleaned before you get home.Rates: $18-$22 Depending on number of pets per visit.

Dog Park Adventure/Day trips

We will take your pooch to the park where they can run, jump, skip and play with other dogs. We also will take them to areas where they can swim, play fetch and lay in the sun. Day trips are separately tailored for each dog.

Post Surgery Pet Care

We will visit with your pet, change their dressing, administer medication if needed, monitor their eating/drinking habits to ensure their recovery